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“Doolittle Goldens” is a small Doggy village located in the heart of the western United States. Breathtaking Golden Retrievers, English Creams and Goldendoodles call this enchanted place home. The land of Doolittle is where international championship bloodlines with their committed human counterparts, work together to produce highly unique products—irresistibly precious bundles of joy. Pleasing, pleasant, and cuddly, they’re programmed from the tip of wet noses to the bottom of tender paws, to warm the hearts of boys and girls of all ages. So, whether it’s placing puppies in the arms of children, or in the care of lonely grandmothers—we absolutely love our job! Our work and mission bless everything our little angles touch.

Doolittle’s fairy dust includes a custom coach and trailer that weekly whisks our four-legged royals to their private high valley retreat… nestled in the shadow of the Monte Cristo Mountain range. Here our furry princes and princesses romp, swim, explore, socialize and dine to their regal hearts content.
Goldens Retrievers are mankind’s magnum opus! Folks here at Doolittle believe no other breed shares this high distinction with them. Furthermore, Doolittle residents descend from a long line of fine pedigrees: international champions from English Cream hot beds like Hungary, Moldova, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Romania. As you scan over the pages of this website, we hope it’s obvious we are a top tier organization. We’ve assembled the finest among the best breed on earth and offer the final product to discerning friends and customers. The pictures tell our story and are worth a thousand words


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