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Golden Retriever Puppies - A Loyal, Utah Companion


Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers are sturdy, medium-sized dogs that are known for their thick, golden coat. While they were originally bred to be hunting companions, that doesn’t stop them from having playful, friendly deminers. Retrievers are best known for their lively and energetic nature and are incredibly intelligent, loyal dogs that are faithful companions and great pets for nearly any family. They maintain their playful, puppyish behavior well into adulthood, so they are a particular favorite among children.

Breeding and Upbringing

We take our responsibility as Breeders very seriously. Our Golden Retrievers are 100% Purebred (P Generation) and are AKC registered. We also offer two variations, American Golden Retriever, and English Cream. Not only are these puppies fed with nutritious, premium dog-food, and are vaccinated with all of the essential shots needed to keep them healthy in their new home, but their parents are also given plenty of exercise and love as well. With access to beautiful, expansive country land, these dogs are free to run and play to their heart’s content.

About Us and Our Guarantee

When our litters grow to proper adoption age, you can rest easy knowing you have a happy and healthy puppy ready to enter their new home. We have over a decade of dog breeding experience, and we are passionate about raising joyful puppies and guarantee their health for up to one year. 


View available puppies now! Or learn more about each litter's parents. Also see our other dog breeds available, including Goldendoodles

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