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Izabella Dutchess of Hungary (Izzy) is the daughter of international Champion Bonett Bride Last Memory, and the Duchess of West Jordan. Izzy is one of the most gorgeous English Creams we’ve ever seen. Both she and her sister, Aniska Countess of Bulgaria, were first pics of a litter of twelve puppies. When our sweet Dutchess strikes a pose, the entire world around her stops to sneak a peek. Taking her on walks means traffic jams and handing out Izzy’s contact information to total strangers. In addition to her striking appearance, this lovable and loving Duchess inherited champion quality traits from her father. So, what’s in it for you? Your quest for perfection can end now that you’ve discovered the guys and gals of Doolittle. Qualities such as unsurpassed health and beauty, winning personality, gentleness, keen intelligence and inquisitiveness, are all part and parcel in this Izzy’s royal package.

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