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The single most important decision you'll make regarding your best friends health and happiness is the brand of dog food you end up selecting. 

Unfortunately, they're not all created equal; far from it. Decades of breeding experience led us to pawTree brand dog food.

PawTree represents culinary perfection. It also involves twenty-first century nutritional science. In fact, we're so sold on pawTree Doolittle offers a one-year warranty against genetic moderate or severe hip dysplasia if you continue your puppy on it for another 12 months (see "pet profile" link on their website). So, do your puppy a huge favor and visit PawTree's website. Peruse the impressive smorgasbord of nutrition contained in every flavor combination.


First, you'll notice the opening ingredient is meat, not bone meal or other inferior proteins. Though quality meat is important to any growing puppy, it's only the beginning of the rich, holistic nutrition you'll discover in each bag of pawTree. Second, dogs naturally love the taste... and owners love a flourishing

Doolittle's One Year Warranty

The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.

-Benjamin Franklin

pooch. Stools are solid, smaller and not as foul smelling. Coats are full and radiant, as is the health of your pawTree dog. Third, pawTree requires half the serving of many cheaply made brands... so the cost is very competitive. Forth, pawTree is automatically delivered to your doorstep. Order here, or contact us for more details. The folks at Doolittle are always happy to answer the question you might have regarding puppies and proper nutrition.

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