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Buying a Puppy Already Born

For puppies currently on the ground, securing him/her is very simple. If your chosen puppy is featured in the "available section" of the website, simply send us his/her name via email and Doolittle will reserve the puppy and arrange for a deposit to be sent. We will post weekly photos of your puppy so you can begin bonding with this little guy or gal. This current batch is absolutely breathtaking.
Buying a Puppy from an Unborn (announced) Litter

A $250 deposit secures a future puppy from an announced litter. The order in which puppies are selected will be determined by the date each deposit is received. The earliest depositor gets first pick, and so forth. Ranking is secured when deposits are received. We post depositors' names and the ranking order on our website. This process applies only to announced, upcoming litters. If you have questions or need guidance, feel free to call us at 801-707-6056. See payment options below.

Pictures, videos, and updates will be posted weekly for families in waiting. We want you to be part of the process and to follow the litter's growth. Each puppy is wearing a colored collar so you can begin familiarizing yourself with various personalities and looks as the weeks pass. Picking a puppy is highly subjective. Often personal taste is the main determining factor. Doolittle's pick of the litter is often the last puppy selected. So, you never know! We're convinced you cannot go wrong with any one of our healthy, adorable puppies.

Personalities and appearance begin to manifest themselves at five-weeks. During this stage, you'll want to reach through the pics and videos to gently hug one of these little balls of perfection. At five weeks, more video and pics will be sent for the purpose of puppy selection. Selections will occur in the order previously described. Local families and owners may make their choice in person when their number is called. Such an exciting time!


For identification purposes, we provide our puppies with names. However, if you have something special in mind your guy or gal will easily adapt. Our proud and curious little furballs are ready for their new homes at eight weeks. By this time, pick up arrangements will have already been made with each of you.

Doolittle Goldens sell their puppies all over the United States (except Alaska and Hawaii). Our professional flight nannies deliver these precious packages directly to your care. And, Doolittle handles the complete process. It's that simple! We'll work to pinpoint a convenient date and time to deliver your special package in a timely fashion. The fee is generally $500.

Deposits are non-refundable. However, they are transferrable to a puppy from a different litter... if you find yourself in need of more time. Our goal is the happiness and peace of mind of our puppies and customers. Venmo, cash and Paypal are preferred methods of payments (a three percent Paypal charge is applied). Payment must be paid in full before delivery. For questions call Doolittle Goldens at 801-707-6056.

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