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[President] Teddy Joe Roosevelt ("Teddy") is the quintessential male Golden Retriever. His head is handsome and boxy, his chest broad. Teddy’s long multicolored coat (light golden) and commanding presence makes G-gals weak at the knees. The lady’s simply love this adorable, seventy-pound bundle of muscle. In fact, three-year-old Teddy is in such high demand he was awarded the “frequently used sire” designation by the American Kennel Association. When a sire reaches this landmark, AKC requires much higher standards to be met.


Always the consummate gentleman, Teddy dances and croons with his partners until they’ve been sufficiently romanced. Though gentle as the day is long, Teddy occasionally shows his protective side by sounding the alarm when he feels danger is present. The folks at Doolittle feel safe and love this about Teddy. He is smart as a whip and heals without a leash (no formal training involved) during walks through the town. Rigorous DNA testing confirms Teddy has exceptionally healthy genes; cleared of hip-dysplasia… and one hundred and fifty-two other genetic health concerns and diseases. Best of all, Mr. Roosevelt passes these amazing genes on to his healthy and adorable puppies.


Referencing quality, we have a saying at Doolittle: good in, good out; bad in, bad out! Translation? Excellent parents produce excellent puppies; mediocre/poor parents produce mediocre/poor puppies. It’s that simple! With nearly forty years of experience behind our belt, the folks at Doolittle understand it starts and ends with acquiring the finest breeding stock available.

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