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English Creams - The White Golden Retriever


English Cream Retriever Puppies

English cream retrievers go by many names, including platinum retrievers or white European retrievers. These pale-coated dogs are a variety of golden retriever, so they have the same wonderful personalities you would expect from a golden retriever.

Like the American goldens, English cream retrievers are medium-sized dogs that are known for their intelligence, loyalty, and energy. Their obedient, attentive, and loving demeanor makes them great family pets. Additionally, the English cream puppies will keep their playfulness as they grow up, making them a favorite breed among children.


Breeding and Upbringing Our Puppies

We treasure our puppies and parents, and so we take great care with our breeding practices. Our English cream retrievers are 100% Purebred (P Generation) and are AKC registered.

Parents and puppies of age are given a daily exercise to keep them healthy and happy. Each newborn puppy is vaccinated with all of their essential shots to ensure a long life in their new home. We have also been particular in our selection of dog food when feeding both parents and their puppies.

Who We Are & Our Puppy Guarantee

Once our puppies have grown to the right adoption age, we have done everything to prepare them for their life-long health and growth. We have over a decade of dog-breeding experience, and are passionate about raising your new best friend. We guarantee their health for up to one year after adoption.

View our available puppies now! We cycle breeding between golden retrievers, English cream retrievers, goldendoodles, and mini goldendoodles.

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